Dora's Magic Castle

Dora's Magic Castle

Dora's Magic Castle is a beautiful platform game for kids
4.8  (20 votes)
Nick Jr. Arcade

Dora's Magic Castle is a beautiful platform game for kids in which you have to help the Wizard find her wand to break the spell on the castle. Every level has a key of a specific color that needs to be found to open the door that gets you to the next level. All levels have potions and stars that can help you unlock 10 pictures that you can print from within the game.
The controls are really simple. You just advance by clicking on the blue arrow in the direction you wish to go. You have to pay attention because the objects on which you have to jump are animated, so you have to find the perfect time to jump.
Just like all Dora's games, this one has educational content. As you jump on things, Dora says their names both in English and Spanish, and throughout the entire game she speaks in both languages. At the end, she also help kids count the stars collected, so they can also learn the numbers in both languages.
Regarding the graphics, they are really colorful and attractive. Sounds are OK and the music is nice, although a bit repetitive.
All in all, Dora's Magic Castle is a wonderful game for kids that allows them to learn things as they have a good time.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Unlockable content
  • Educational


  • Only one difficulty mode
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